Free Your Mind With Dumbgood's 'The Matrix' Capsule Collection

Dumbgood has just released an exclusive capsule with Warner Bros.’ The Matrix. Known for pushing out some of the most playful capsules with the popular names in entertainment, Dumbgood takes us back to the year 1999 where Trinity, Neo, and Morpheus first guided us down the rabbit-hole.

The collection is comprised of 14 cut-and-sew pieces with iconic scenes appearing as large graphics. Scenes like Neo stopping bullets, Trinity answering the payphone, The Matrix digital rain, and a menacing Sentinel make up the bulk of the capsule while small details like The Matrix typeface and a movie poster layout solidify this as a “must-have” collection for any hardcore Matrix fan.

“Partnering with a series such as The Matrix at present-day seemed like an important collaboration culturally and something that our community would really appreciate,” Co-Founder Amelia Muqbel explains, “plus we’re excited as hell for the new film!” Priced from $16 – $90 USD, The Matrix x Dumbgood capsule collection can be found over at Dumbgood’s web store.

In other fashion news, Tadanori Yokoo shrouds Issey Miyake’s APOC jackets in warped pin-up artwork.

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