‘Golden unicorn’ puppy with adorable name has one ear in the middle of her head

There can never be enough Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs – especially when it comes to golden retrievers.

It can be hard to stand out from the fluffy crowd but one doggo is starting to gain a lot of followers due to her adorable and very unique look.

Little Rae has been identified as a 'golden unicorn' puppy by her owner after an accident at birth meant she lost her left ear, and as she grew older her right ear migrated to the top of her head.

Perhaps the sweetest thing about Rae is when the penny drops and you realise why she was given that name – as it spells ear backwards.

She deservedly shot to fame when a clip of her visit to the vets was uploaded to TikTok by user Sambosmitty with the caption 'unicorn dog' as the woofer was given a much-appreciated scratch under the chin.

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After it racked up almost half a million likes, a second video was added showing her lovable and playful nature as others on social media couldn't get enough of her '11/10 cuteness'.

When one asked what happened to cause her unicorn look, Sambosmitty, a veterinary technician, said: "She was bit by her mum at a couple days old. Lost her ear and had to have her skin sutured. It pulled her one ear to the top of her head."

A second realised the heart-warming reason behind her name and said: "Rae as in ear backwards!? She has my whole heart."

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Another said: "Why does everyone keep commenting about a 'dog'. That's clearly a unicorn you guys."

The vet also confirmed that Rae is able to hear out of her unicorn horn and people called her 'literally the cutest thing I've ever seen'.

She has since gained almost 12,000 followers on Instagram , where photos and videos are shared of her trips to daycare, the park, and lounging around in bed. You can (and should) follow her here .

Rae may well hail from the same magical land as Narwhal, a pup with a tail growing in the middle of its forehead which became a viral superstar after being rescued from the freezing cold.

Staff at rescue organisation Mac's Mission named him 'Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn' and he quickly established a huge fan base after videos were uploaded on  Facebook .

He has since been made the full-time face of the centre, promoting its work to care for dogs which have been abused, injured or have birth defects.

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