'GoldenEye 007' Will Make Its Long-Awaited Return on January 27

After years of leaks, rumors, teasers and speculation, GoldenEye 007 is finally coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch later this week. A classic 1997 first-person shooter — which debuted on the Nintendo 64 and is widely noted as one of the most influential and evolutionary FPS games ever created — it’ll return in remastered fashion on the Xbox and in all of its original pixelated glory on the Switch.

The remastered Xbox version, shown in the trailer above, boasts 4K resolution, smoother frame rates and a feature that’s sure to delight ’90s babies: local split-screen multiplayer. The Switch version, on the other hand, is a port of the original game. Unlike the Xbox version, however, it’ll offer online multiplayer modes.

Xbox owners will get to enjoy GoldenEye 007‘s classic campaign mode as well as the game’s full roster of cheat code-influenced modes. Modern twists include support for dual analog sticks (no more clunky aiming!) and the above-mentioned 4K resolution. Owners of Rare Replay, a compilation of classic games from development company Rare and its predecessor Ultimate Play the Game’s vault, will be able to access GoldenEye 007 free of charge. It’ll also be available as part of Xbox Game Pass. The Switch version, seen in the trailer below, will be released as part of Nintendo’s pay-to-play “Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack,” which first added Nintendo 64 titles back in 2021.

GoldenEye 007 fans have been waiting for a re-release for years: back in 2008, the game was set to be remastered and re-released in HD for the Xbox 360, but those plans were scrapped due to rights and licencing issues. Now, almost three decades after the game first captured their hearts they’ll have another crack at it when it releases on Xbox and Nintendo Switch January 27.

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