Han Kjøbenhavn SS24 "Enlightened Particals" Is Erotic and Sinful

Copenhagen-based label Han Kjøbenhavn has just opened a house of horrors in the center of Milan. Founder Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen is in his own universe, taking over the city’s Duomo Catholic Church to reveal his latest sculptural creations. The Palazzo Reale di Milano was lightened in sinister red lighting, welcoming guests into a historic room dominated by Italian culture.

Han Kjøbenhavn’s Spring/Summer 2024 “Enlightened Particals” collection was erotic and eerie, taking inspiration from the location’s artistic heritage. “There are always aspects that remain undiscovered or not fully realized. It’s about enlightenment and the uncovering of hidden capabilities,” says Davidsen about the collection. It was overwhelmed by brutalist standpoints, experimenting with bold silhouettes with sharp shoulders and haunting details.

High-neck tracksuits were reimagined in bold shapes with clasped hardware, mimicking clutching fingers from behind. Molded dresses defied gravity with rounded necklines, while silver chains loomed overhead with restraint. Feather frocks grew on torsoless outerwear in aged tones, complemented by Dracula-esque leather garments and metal-braced tops.

Monstrous bodysuits came alive with exposed veins and standing hoods, completing the collection with a sculpted wedding gown headed for the alter in another realm.

Take a closer look at Han Kjøbenhavn’s SS24 collection in the gallery above, and stay tuned for more Milan Fashion Week content at Hypebeast.

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