HIGH x PACE Collaboration Intensifies Co-Creative Fusion in Brazilian Urban Fashion

In a dynamic convergence of style and art, the latest collaboration between HIGH and PACE draws inspiration from the iconic mascots that define each brand. HIGH features the regal Dragon, an emblematic symbol seamlessly woven into the fabric of the brand. Meanwhile, PACE pays homage to the powerful Tiger through its acclaimed “Year of the Tiger” shirt, a modern classic that has garnered acclaim with over 750 units sold.

This collaborative venture unfolds as a visual dialogue between the Tiger and the Dragon, manifesting in captivating prints, rich colors, and textured nuances. Renowned oriental-style tattoo artist Fabio Massashi lends his artistic mastery to meticulously craft each design, resulting in a harmonious fusion of East Asian aesthetics and contemporary urban fashion.

Marrying the distinct DNA of both brands, HIGH’s contribution spotlights the vibrant color palette and graphic prints synonymous with its skate-inspired identity. In contrast, PACE explores classic product designs, featuring standout pieces such as the Supermasa shorts in resin-coated twill, the Tomo Shoes with a Vibram sole, and a visually arresting leather jacket adorned with frontal embroidery. The jacket’s zipper pull, a testament to artistic ingenuity, intricately combines the faces of the Dragon and the Tiger in platinum-plated metal.

This collaboration promises in Brazil to inspire contemporary brands in streetwear, making it a must-have for fashion enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs alike. You can shop the collection at both HIGH and PACE‘s webshops.
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