House of Miracles's New Release Considers "Faith" in Art and Poetry

Marked by unique screen-printing techniques, House of Miracles has released “Faith,” a new unisex apparel collection. Available at the brand’s website, “Faith” continues to invite fans to consider the role of miracles and abstract, divine forces within real-life creative practices. While House of Miracles is a crossover between the realms of beverage– the brand also manufactures Miracle Seltzer and Miracle Water– and fashion, all of their products provide a platform for artists and their communities.

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Featuring collaborative graphics from the brand’s founders, artists Jason S. Wright and B. Thom Stevenson, the latest release is a curious follow-up to its “Question Reality™” collection. Printed on cotton wardrobe staples, the oversized graphics in the “Faith” collection make subtle references to art, thought and poetry. Finding inspiration in the Miracle team’s respective studio practices, which range from painting to photography, every piece was created by a member of its community.

The “Faith” collection introduces pieces like the “SURRENDER” sweatpants, which combine ambiguous phrases and ideas with two-tone images, and the “GOD SHAPED HOLE” long sleeve t-shirt, which is a twist on a reworked logo of Courtney Love’s band. Together, the apparel within this collection builds a story, or a sermon, that reminds fellow creatives to maintain a sense of inner peace.

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Starting on November 19, the “Faith” collection can be found at the brand’s website, with prices ranging from $40 to $200 USD. For more product information and visual inspiration, head to the brand’s Instagram.
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