If You Had 13 Of These 38 Things Growing Up Then You Were Definitely Rich

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    A big-ass projection TV that weighed 800 pounds.Via popularmechanics.com

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    An exotic reptile as a petVia Getty Images

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    A TiVoVia Amazon

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    A trampolineVia hayneedle.com

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    An in-ground pool with a diving boardVia lesliespool.com

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    A collection of Super SoakersVia NERF

    Via Playmobil

    Playmobil toys and play setsVia Playmobil

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    A big-ass house thingVia eBay

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    A lifesize BarbieVia youtube.com

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    A treadmill in their furnished basementVia soletreadmills.com

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    An air hockey table.Via youtube.com

    Via youtube.com

    A WORKING air hockey table.Via youtube.com

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    Some kind of pinball machine in their furnished basement.Via eBay

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    A CD burnerVia eBay

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    Snapples in glass containersVia Amazon

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    Digital cableVia mediacomcable.com

    Via eBay

    A piano roomVia eBay

    Via eBay

    A pile of Uggs at the front doorVia eBay

    Via eBay

    An old-timey popcorn machine.Via eBay

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    A large deck with cushioned chairs and couchesVia Getty Images

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    A hot tubVia rizzopools.com

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    A bathroom in your roomVia 20th Century Fox

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    Matching holiday pajamasVia Amazon

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    A professionally shot and framed picture of your dog who was still aliveVia Getty Images

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    A refrigerator that looks like a cabinetVia city-data.com

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    A trash can in your kitchen that was impossible to find because it also looked like a cabinetVia Getty Images

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    An SUV with leather seatsVia kbb.com

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    A DVD in your carVia youtube.com

    Via thewirecutter.com

    Surround sound in your houseVia thewirecutter.com

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    An entire set of encyclopediasVia Amazon

    Via Amazon

    A fountainVia Amazon

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    Extensive collections of Game Boy accessoriesVia YouTube

    Via Twitter: @The90sLife

    A robotic animalVia Twitter: @The90sLife

    Via eBay

    A subscription to Nickelodeon magazineVia eBay

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    A huge VHS collectionVia Pinterest

    Via American Girl

    A collection of American Girl dollsVia American Girl

    Via Fisher-Price

    A Fisher-Price car.Via Fisher-Price

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    LunchablesVia Lunchable

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