Joan Cornellà and AllRightsReserved to Release Vibrant 'POOPY PANTS' Vinyl Figure

Joan Cornellà and AllRightsReserved are reuniting to release the vinyl figure of the Spanish artist’s POOPY PANTS piece.

Standing at 10 inches tall, the figure sees one of Cornellà’s iconic human figures dressed in a pink and yellow suit, its pants pulled down to the ankles to reveal matching pink undergarments. The lack of bottoms doesn’t bother the character, however, as it proudly holds up a black and white picket sign that reads “FIGHT THE POWER-LESS” and an over-the-chest signboard with the words “STOP BEING POOR.”

POOPY PANTS arrives about half a year after Cornellà and AllRightsReserved teamed up for the delivery of the exclusive Bootyboop figure and rug. “It seems this surreal black humour resonates well with the times we live in,” he said in a previous statement. “Although, as I always say, I’d like my work to speak for itself, and I hope to keep interpretations as open as possible to allow for some sort of critical thinking.”

Joan Cornellà and AllRightsReserved’s POOPY PANTS figure is exclusively available on the DDT Store starting June 16 at 10 p.m. ET.

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