John Doe Gallery Champions DIY Ethos in 'IZ-US' Inaugural Group Exhibition

IZ-US is an expression of creative resilience at John Doe Gallery. Stemming from the vibrant “Do It Yourself” (DIY) ethos, the gallery was conceived by two pioneering first-generation Mexican American artists: Alfonso Gonzalez Jr. and Eduardo Medrano Jr. Concluding their first group show this past weekend entitled IZ-US, the presentation embodied the spirit of the current moment with a keen focus on both local and global perspectives.

Altogether, the exhibition navigated the present, offering a diverse array of artistic expressions by local Los Angeles artists. IZ-US stood as a tribute to the enduring power of creativity and an open invitation to participate in reshaping the art landscape as expressed by the gallery’s founders. Moreover, Medrano Jr. articulated the gallery’s commitment to nurturing emerging artists and showcasing their groundbreaking creations.

The gallery operates both within and beyond the traditional art world, fostering an atmosphere of experimentation that defies conventional norms. Their mission revolves around community, providing a platform for emerging artists to share their innovative visions. IZ-US heralds a new era, a vibrant intersection of color, conceptual art, pop culture, fashion, and a wide range of multimedia mediums.

Head to John Doe Gallery’s website for more information. Elsewhere in art, legendary multimedia artist Ryoji Ikeda has taken over the cavernous Amos Rex Museum in Finland with new audio-visual masterworks.

John Doe Gallery
107 E 11th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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