JW Anderson Gets Artistic With Rembrandt Tribute Capsule Collection

Following the reveal of its Fall/Winter 2023 collection at London Fashion Week, London-based brand JW Anderson is debuting a new capsule collection that draws inspiration from Dutch painter Rembrandt.

Anderson often puts pen to paper alongside renowned creatives to express their artwork and everything that comes with it. For example, the designer recently teamed up with Pol Anglada on a collaboration that captured queerness, body-building, and nostalgia, now paying tribute to 16th-century artist Rembrandt and his celebrated self-portrait paintings.

Jonathan Anderson regards Rembrandt’s artwork as “the original selfie” and depicts the artist’s cross-hatched pen-and-ink self-portraits as a revolutionary moment in art. The capsule collection features dated facial drawings on slouchy knitwear in pink and purple yarn, alongside hoodies, bottoms, and silk sets enhanced with Rembrandt’s eerie facade. Furthermore, a selection of bucket hats and caps complete the range featured next to suede and leather tote bags and pre-distressed slip-on sneakers.

Take a closer look at JW Anderson’s new capsule collection in the gallery above. The range is available now in-store and via the brand’s website.

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