Kanye West Elaborates on Building "City of the Future" in Haiti

Kanye West has just elaborated on what he was doing with Iranian-American venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar in Haiti. As mentioned in the recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, West revealed that the Haitian president gave him a part of Tortuga/Turtle Island to develop.

The idea of West coming to work with the government on a smart city did not sit well with many, leading him to tweet: “Just to be CLEAR: WE ARE IN ENGAGED WITH HAITI’s GOVERNMENT to make a transformational INVESTMENT to bring JOBS, DEVELOPMENT, HELP SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS and FISHERMEN and Build a new « CITY OF THE FUTURE » in a very beautiful country.” The clarification stresses that Kanye’s “City of the Future” is for the benefit of the Haitian people and that the money will be going directly back to the local farmers and workers.

Only time can tell if this project will take off. In other entertainment news, Javicia Leslie dons her new Batwoman suit for CW.
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