Katie Thurston: 10 things to know about the new 'The Bachelorette' star

On June 7, 2021, season 17 of “The Bachelorette” premieres on ABC. What better way to prepare for the reality television event than by learning all you can about the woman of the hour, Katie Thurston?! Join Wonderwall.com as we take a look at 10 things you should know about the latest franchise lead.

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Katie Thurston was born on Jan. 3, 1991, and proudly hails from the Pacific Northwest. She was born and raised in Lynwood, Washington, before relocating to the state’s big city: Seattle!

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Katie Thurston is a major cat lover! The self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” isn’t shy about showcasing her love for her cat, Tommy, on social media whenever she gets the chance. “I promise he loves me 🥰🐱 and I’m obsessed with him! #crazycatlady,” she wrote alongside this photo she posted on Instagram in 2020.

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As we quickly came to know on night one of season 25 of “The Bachelor,” Katie Thurston is not one to shy away from expressing her sexuality. “It wasn’t some agenda that I had coming onto the show. It’s just who I am and who I’ve been this whole time,” Katie said while discussing her sex positivity — she exited the limo to meet Matt James holding a certain battery-operated device — on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. She continued, “It wasn’t until after the fact that I realized how big of a deal it was — which excites me because I do believe it’s 2021 and women should be comfortable talking about their sexuality.”

In May 2021, Katie Thurston took to her Instagram Stories to answer some fan questions, one of which was if she’s happy. While she said “the short answer is yes,” Katie also went on to be “transparent” and disclose the fact that she struggles with anxiety. “I think with happiness, it’s not something that you have but something you create,” she said on the social media platform. “And it’s something that you have to create daily.” She went on, “That, I think, is the biggest thing that I’m learning right now, is how to be happy.”

Speaking of social media… since appearing on Matt James’s season of “The Bachelor,” Katie Thurston has gone on to amass an impressive number of fans! The day before her “The Bachelorette” season premiered, she boasted an impressive 598,000 followers on Instagram and 329,000 on TikTok — numbers that were sure to soar as her season launched.

How adorable! As with many prior contestants on the “The Bachelor” franchise, Katie Thurston made some long-lasting friendships while filming. She hasn’t shied away from gushing about the ladies she met on Matt James’s season. “To all the women who took the time to share themselves with the world, 🥂 cheers!” she wrote alongside a photo of herself with fellow contestants on Instagram. She’s seen here in an adorable Polaroid photo with season 25 contestant Jessenia Cruz she shared in May 2021.

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Katie Thurston is a big fan of spending time outdoors. She’s often seen enjoying nature — from spending the day lakeside to going on hikes. “Add rake to the list of things a homeowner needs #fall #pnw 🍁 🍂,” she wrote alongside this snapshot she posted on Instagram in November 2020.

As for her day job? Katie Thurston works as a bank marketing manager. While her job is stable, she’s urged her fans to not their jobs as a measure of their worth or fulfillment. “Life really does pass by quickly… I followed ‘the rules’ of life. Get the career. Save the money. Start that 401k. Buy the house. And for what? An entire decade to pass without feeling fulfilled? This past year, I finally unapologetically loved who I am. I lost people along the way, And that’s ok. We aren’t meant to please everyone,” she wrote in an Instagram post celebrating her 30th birthday in January 2021.

Katie Thurston is also a skilled volleyball player! On Instagram, she’s posted clips and photos of herself playing the sport.

Katie Thurston is an open-minded and outspoken woman who knows exactly what she wants in a partner. Among the most important things our new “The Bachelorette” star is looking for? Someone who’s committed, has a great sense of humor and is ambitious. “While Katie is serious about finding her person, she needs a man who can laugh along with her but is okay with him laughing at her too when the moment calls for it. Katie is looking for a mature man who has ambitions to succeed in everything he does, both personally and professionally,” read her season 25 bio for “The Bachelor.” We’re hoping she finds him!

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