kolor Finds Peace in Homogeneous Design for FW23

Japanese label kolor has expanded its horizons in recent years, proving that it is one to watch. In 2021, founder Junichi Abe made his mark on the runway by stepping foot into the sportswear realm and debuting a multi-faceted range that combined silhouettes to create something new.

For the Fall/Winter 2023 season, kolor made its way to Paris Fashion Week for the debut of its latest co-ed offering. The label kept things simple by creating a harmonious collection that pursues the eccentric references seen last season. FW23 saw Junichi find peace in clarity while redefining the standard wardrobe through an abstract viewpoint with vibrancy across the board.

Deconstructed motifs were seen left, right, and center, beginning the showcase with a dark purple blazer featuring mismatched lapels and patchwork shirting beneath. The contrast seen on the runway was consistently irregular, yet it brought a new meaning to synchronicity. Everyday white shirts saw skewed collars and ill-fitting wrist cuffs while double-layered sleeves battled each other for first place. Diverse bottoms were slashed and continued onto outerwear options in a disconnected fashion, moving alongside inside-out vests with exposed seams and leather panels.

Overall, the collection boasted an unfinished feel that was equally beautiful and thought-provoking, pleading with its audience to ask themselves what makes a garment complete while searching for the beauty in chaos.

Take a closer look at kolor’s FW23 collection in the gallery above.

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