Lexus Creates Interactive LF-Z Electrified Virtual Interiors Through Unboxing and AR Experiences

Earlier this year, Lexus entered a new chapter, one marked by the introduction of the LF-Z Electrified, a concept car that brings the future into the present in both form and function. Keeping the momentum from the reveal, the brand is continuing to showcase its distinct approach to the next era of automotive design by unveiling complementary interactive elements and facilitating creative conversations that serve to improve the driving experience for the greater good. Inviting the global community to try out its virtual interiors concepts — an experimental project for which three individuals of varying areas of expertise applied their own signature creative thinking to reimagining the vehicle — Lexus is now sharing a digital unboxing of the concepts as well as an exclusive Instagram AR experience.

More than just a comment on the Lexus commitment to engaging with unexpected creative minds to push the envelope, the virtual interiors are also a showcase of how these individuals can transcend their own medium and apply their design thinking to the automotive space. Designer Salehe Bembury, 3D artist and creative director Ondrej Zunka and the label Hender Scheme each offered a unique take on the inside of the electric car, revealing the limitless possibilities of design through their own singular approaches. From the virtual unboxing video, it’s clear that the trio of executions are as distinct as their creators, and each provides an unexpected perspective on the automotive space. To give clearer insight into their individual takes and as a symbol of the Lexus ability to fuel meaningful dialogue that transcends the automotive space, Bembury and Zunka will be in conversation with Koichi Suga, General Manager of Lexus Design Division, in a round table discussion in the coming weeks.

Taking each concept to a heightened, interactive level, Lexus has also shared an AR filter, available on Instagram, that allows users to move around the virtual environment created by Bembury. Developed alongside digital creator Aliya Ataulova, fans of the designer can tap into his distinct aesthetic through a landscape that shows his design suspended in the air, allowing them to discover details from various perspectives. Now, through the filter, it’s possible to immerse oneself in the peaceful combination of natural textures, such as cork, and manmade materials, complemented by a color story that includes a vibrant orange hue that recalls his popular New Balance collaboration. For her part, Ataulova adds her own spin to the filter while representing a new wave of digital creators who see AR technology as being part of a limitless future, but also a mode of artistic and self-expression — principles that Lexus has long been championing.

Get a glimpse into the future of car design by watching the virtual unboxing of the reimagined Lexus LF-Z Electrified interiors in the video above. Check out the Lexus and HYPEBEAST Car Club Instagram pages to try out the new AR filter and stay tuned to HYPEBEAST to hear each of these creators in conversation with Lexus global head of design, Koichi Suga. To learn more about the Lexus LF-Z Electrified, head to the brand’s website.
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