LOEWE FW21 Erupts Masculine Expression

Pastoral genderfluidity informs LOEWE‘s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, as creative director Jonathon Anderson draws from the work of artist Joe Brainard and explores a collage theme. Disparate subcultures are explored, touching on music-driven classes like the hippy, the mod and the grunge slacker.

Punk bondage trousers co-mingle with loose hippy cardigans while wide raver trousers balloon from beneath beatnik coats, undercutting traditionally masculine tropes with disparate textiles, cuts and hues. Triple-stacked T-shirts and knit sweaters represent the collage element, further expanding the collection’s stylistic cues beyond the easily identifiable, mixing bright shades of yellow, green, pink, blue all on one garment. Brainard’s work graces standout editions of LOEWE’s signature bags and jacquard-woven garment sets, inviting a mood of playfulness that matches the dress-up motif.

“I’ve been drawn to Joe Brainard’s body of work, in particular his collages, as he thought and acted outside of rulebooks and categories,” Anderson offered in a statement. “There is a lightness and an immediacy in his work that I find acutely apt for this very moment.”

Other Fall/Winter 2021 collections were recently issued by Reese Cooper, GmbH and Jil Sander.
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