'Lord of the Rings' Soviet TV Adaptation Discovered After 30 Years

A Lord of the Rings TV adaptation made in the Soviet Union has been found 30 years after it seemingly disappeared.

An adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring, it was a TV special that only aired once in 1991, but it’s now been uploaded onto YouTube, so J.R.R. Tolkien fans can now watch it as many times as they like. While this version doesn’t quite match up to the enormous budget and technology of Peter Jackson‘s trilogy, it does still carry the lively spirit of Tolkien’s story with its fun costume design and old special effects. The special was uploaded by the Russian network 5TV, formerly Leningrad Television, bringing the out rarity from the archives and dusting it off after three decades.

In case you missed it, The Lord of the Rings 4K Remaster will be getting the IMAX treatment.
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