Louis De Guzman Brings DISRUPTIE to Life

Chicago-based visual artist Louis De Guzman has been fleshing out his Along The Way universe throughout the year, delivering paintings, sculptures and merchandise that exist within the expansive world. De Guzman has now created his first self-produced figure lifted straight from Along The Way. Meet DISRUPTIE, named after De Guzman’s signature “disruptor” shapes present throughout his art, a fictional character who is meant to serve as your conscience.

“DISRUPTIE is your visual conscience. Your imaginary guide within the Along The Way universe,” De Guzman shared in a statement. “His intention is to form and mold himself towards your imagination and how you navigate yourself internally within your own personal journey. Throughout all obstacles in life, we sometimes need that little boost of innocence to remind ourselves where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

The light blue DISRUPTIE figurine stands at 8 inches tall and marks De Guzman’s most limited release yet – with only 100 units dropping. With a mischievous grin and a handful of disruptors, the DISRUPTIE collectible retails for $275 USD. Check him out in the gallery above.

De Guzman also shared the below video on Instagram announcing DISRUPTIE’s release. “Channeling this inner childhood memory into the present day has been a full circle moment,” he wrote in the caption.

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DISRUPTIE’s release is accompanied by a commemorative enamel keychain as well, which sees the character throwing up a peace sign. Mailing list subscribers can gain early access to the edition, by signing up at the artist’s website.
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