Magik Takes on the Demon Bear in Latest 'The New Mutants' Clip

Despite suffering from multiple delays over the years, Marvel‘s latest X-Men spinoff The New Mutants is finally set to hit cinemas in less than two weeks, and to get the party started, the film has released a new clip offering fans a closer look at Magik’s (Anya Taylor-Joy) special abilities as she takes on the Demon Bear, a massive bear-like entity with superhuman strength, the power to corrupt human souls, and the ability to transform or teleport. The minute-long clip sets a thriller-like tone for the film as we see this monstrosity hunt down the five young characters in what appears to be a secured facility before Magik decides to take him head on, summoning armor to protect her right arm as well as her soulsword, which amplifies both her superhuman and psychic abilities.

Aside from Magik, the film also features four other young mutants who were brought to a secret institute after being told it could cure them from their powers. They include Mirage (Blu Hunt), who can create illusions based on other people’s fears; Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams), a girl who can transform into a werewolf; Cannonball (Charlie Heaton), who can fly at supersonic speeds while protected by a force field; and Sunspot (Henry Zaga), a mutant who absorbs and channels solar power.

The New Mutants is scheduled for release August 28.

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