Marco Tirelli’s Monochrome Artworks Meditate on the Very Nature of Reality

London‘s Cardi Gallery is showcasing the work of Italian artist, Marco Tirelli, in a new exhibition that span his expansive set of paintings, drawings, and reliefs. Perusing the gallery walls is like walking through Tirelli’s thoughts and dreams — intricate compositions that include objects and structures to concepts and memories — all of which are created using a monochrome set of colors.

Tirelli was born and raised in Rome and studied set design at university. A discipline that certainly shows its influence on the gridded and mindful display of his work at Cardi. Amongst the highlights of the show are the artworks depicting a black box at its center. These boxes typically allude to a void or nothingness in popular culture — but for Tirelli, the device takes the opposite effect — it is an object that contains all possible things. Where light differentiates objects, black unifies them, according to the artist.

The work on display expands on the very nature of reality, where our interpretation is only made through what light gives us. “An effect of reality. Everything is rational,” said the artist. Deduce your own interpretation of the work as it is on view until September 25 at London’s Cardi Gallery.

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