McDonald's Japan Launches Seasonal Triangle Oreo Cream Pie

McDonald’s Japan has just brought back a fan-favorite dessert item from its archive — the Triangle Cream Pie.

Introduced two years ago in a Chocolate Pie version, this new flavor arrives as the Triangle Oreo Cream Pie, and differs from its apple pie counterpart as it is larger in size and has a flakier texture. As the name suggests, this Triangle Cream Pie will be filled with warm crushed Oreo cream filling. McDonald’s Japan has also revealed that it will hold 30% more filling.

The packaging is cleverly designed to look like a Dalmatian’s head where the corners of the pie act as the ears of the dog. Priced at ¥150 JPY (approximately $1.30 USD), the Triangle Oreo Cream Pie is on sale in Japan now.

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