Meek Mill and WME Announce Strategic Partnership to Focus on the Next Generation Cultural Leaders

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has officially announced a partnership with talent agency WME with an aim to focus on the next generation of cultural leaders.

The relationship between Meek and the agency is in due part to the rapper’s new initiative Culture Currency which is “designed to expand Meek’s business while identifying and supporting his network of artists, athletes, and entertainers so that they can take better advantage of their influence on culture, and open up more opportunities for them within the entertainment, brand and business space.” WME is also said to represent Mill in other areas of the business while Mill continues to search and identify talent represent and falls under various categories including, film, music, television, books digital endorsements and more.

In response to the new partnership, Meek Mill has released a statement regarding the announcement,

“The partnership between WME and Culture Currency is a strategic hybrid structure that will bring resources and opportunities to entertainers. I have grown and learned the business in an unorthodox way that is effective through relationships built on talent and creativity. As an entertainer, I see us as part of the first generation that truly has influence and connections spread throughout social justice, music, sports, the movie industry, politics, business and the tech world. Taking advantage of this opportunity will allow us to give others the same chance to catch their dreams. Thank you WME for opening the door to build this bridge.”

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