Needles Taps BEAMS for Fire Mohair Cardigan

Mohair goods have become one of Needles‘ tried-and-true staples, with Keizo Shimizu‘s brand reworking its coveted cardigans in different colorways and patterns each season. The label has enlisted the likes of fellow Japan-based streetwear imprint and seasoned collaborator BEAMS to close out the cold winter with some heat; Needles and BEAMS, already with a handful of mohair goods until their collective belt, have whipped up another fire cardigan – literally, embellished in flames – that is still incredibly soft to the touch.

The distinct fire pattern starts at the bottom of the cardigan and extends upward on the silhouette. Complete with high thermal resistance, the Mohair cardigan is just as functional as it is (stylistically) fire. Check it out in the gallery above.

“BEAMS JAPAN again ordered separately the iconic item representing NEEDLES (Needles) magazine, designed by Miyazu Shimizu,” BEAMS expressed in an Instagram caption. “This time, we adopt a characteristic fire pattern hair, expressed in a colorful mohair material. Just dance and create a trend all at once.”

Expect the Needles x BEAMS Mohair to land for purchase on Saturday, December 16 both online and in-stores at BEAMS JAPAN Shibuya and BEAMS JAPAN Kyoto.
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