Original Showrunner Rumored To Reboot 'The Office'

Greg Daniels, the original showrunner of the US version of The Office, is reportedly helming a reboot of the beloved series.

The original report comes from Matt Belloni via Puck as the WGA strike came to an end. “Greg Daniels is set to do a reboot of The Office, for instance,” the newsletter read, adding, “Disney’s Dana Walden will finally be able to announce the return of her BFF Ryan Murphy from Netflix. A ton of high-profile movie scripts will come in. The industry will chug back to normal.”

It remains to be seen whether there’s any truth to these rumors, although Daniels previously addressed the possibility of a reboot and shared that he would prefer it to be an “extension” rather than keeping the original characters. “I can’t tell whether fans would want more of it, and when I say more of it, I don’t think it would be the same characters. I think it would just be sort of like an extension of the universe, you know what I mean, like the way [The] Mandalorian is like an extension of Star Wars,” he told Collider. “But I don’t know if that would be something people would want or not, it’s hard to tell.” He also stated that NBC “would be very excited to do it.”

Whether or not the original cast, comprised of Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B. J. Novak, Melora Hardin, David Denman, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Ed Helms, Mindy Kaling, Paul Lieberstein, Creed Bratton, Craig Robinson, Ellie Kemper, Zach Woods, Amy Ryan, James Spader, Catherine Tate, Clark Duke and Jake Lacy, would like to reprise their characters is also a topic to be had.

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