People Are Loving No Frills Canada's Anime-Style 'Haulerverse' Campaign

If you’ve lived in Canada, there’s no doubt that you have at one point or another picked up groceries from the Loblaw-owned No Frills supermarket. As the name suggests, the offerings at the grocery chain come with no frills — meaning your groceries will have minimal branding, will most likely be a private label, and will be heavily discounted.

Looking to tap into a younger audience, the Haulerverse campaign features the “Haulers” in a Japanese anime style commercial as they combat frills to save money — the intro even has a Marvel Comics-like opener. Emphasizing the need to save more than ever, due to the pandemic, the campaign hopes to shed light on the grocery chain’s low prices. A representative from Loblaw comments, “It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the way customers shop, especially for groceries, and we wanted our haulers to feel that No Frills swagger.”

As part of the campaign, each weekly flyer will feature “Issues” like comic books and depict the developing story ofMeg, Nia, Jeff and Hank. The comic will also be shared on platforms like Instagram and Spotify. While this is very unexpected from the No Frills brand, people have taken to Twitter to express their approval for the “Haulerverse” campaign.

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