Pick Seven Junk Foods And We'll Tell You What % Trash You Are

  1. Via Frito-Lay

    Lay’s ClassicVia Frito-Lay

    Via Frito-Lay

    Lay’s Salt & VinegarVia Frito-Lay

    Via Tostitos

    Tostitos Tortilla ChipsVia Tostitos

    Via Doritos

    Nacho Cheese DoritosVia Doritos

    Via Ruffles

    Ruffles OriginalVia Ruffles

    Via Pringles

    Pringles Sour Cream & OnionVia Pringles

  2. Via Hershey

    Reese’s Peanut Butter CupsVia Hershey

    Via Mars

    SkittlesVia Mars

    Via m&m’s

    M&M’sVia m&m’s

    Via Hershey

    Kit KatVia Hershey

    Via Sour Patch Kids

    Sour Patch KidsVia Sour Patch Kids

    Via Wrigley

    StarburstVia Wrigley

  3. Via Getty

    Bacon CheeseburgerVia Getty

    Via Getty

    PizzaVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Fried ChickenVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Hot WingsVia Getty

    Via instagram.com

    NachosVia instagram.com

    Via Getty

    TacosVia Getty

  4. Via The Coca-Cola Company

    Coca-ColaVia The Coca-Cola Company

    Via PepsiCo.

    PepsiVia PepsiCo.

    ViaDr Pepper Snapple Group.

    Ginger AleViaDr Pepper Snapple Group.

    ViaDr Pepper Snapple Group.

    Dr. PepperViaDr Pepper Snapple Group.

    Via The Coca-Cola Company

    SpriteVia The Coca-Cola Company

    Via PepsiCo.

    Mountain DewVia PepsiCo.

  5. Via instagram.com

    Ice CreamVia instagram.com

    Via instagram.com

    CakeVia instagram.com

    Via instagram.com

    CupcakeVia instagram.com

    Via instagram.com

    SorbetVia instagram.com

    Via instagram.com

    BrownieVia instagram.com

    Via instagram.com

    PieVia instagram.com

  6. Via Oreo

    OreosVia Oreo

    Via Girl Scouts of America

    Any type of Girl Scout CookiesVia Girl Scouts of America

    Via Keebler

    Keebler Soft ‘n Chewy CookiesVia Keebler

    Via Pepperidge Farm

    Pepperidge Farm MilanosVia Pepperidge Farm

    Via Nabisco

    Fig NewtonsVia Nabisco

    Via Nabisco

    Nilla WafersVia Nabisco

  7. Via Frito-Lay

    CheetosVia Frito-Lay

    Via Little Debbie

    Oatmeal Creme PiesVia Little Debbie

    Via Goodmark Foods, Inc

    Andy Capp’s Hot FriesVia Goodmark Foods, Inc

    Via Hostess

    Ho HosVia Hostess

    Via Frito-Lay

    FritosVia Frito-Lay

    ViaKellogg Company

    Cheez-It crackersViaKellogg Company

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