Planters Is Looking for Driver For Its 26-Foot-Long "NUTmobile"

One of Planters‘ oldest specialized positions is in need of your help. Planters has posted a help-wanted link calling out to all potential NUTmobile drivers.

As a staple promotional vehicle that has roots that date back to 1935, when a salesman for the peanut company built his own custom peanut mobile, the NUTmobile has gone through a number of updates throughout the decades. The NUTmobile even went green in 2011 when a “Natural” version was released that was made with reclaimed barn wood, wind turbines and solar panels, and ran on biodiesel.

The application reads: “Would you go nuts for an opportunity to drive the Planters NUTmobile and walk in the shoes of Mr. Peanut for an entire year?” along with, “We’re on a ‘trail mix’ed with several stops and destinations.” Those interested in driving this outlandish peanut van can head over to the job listing page for more info.

In other automotive news, Kuhl Racing’s fully-engraved gold Nissan GT-R is now for sale.
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