PUBLIC SERV-CE Launches Futuristic “Spatial Tailorism” Serie #2 Collection

Committed to offering “visionary clean apparel” with a design-centric approach, PUBLIC SERV-CE is a new venture by Raphael Young, a designer who previously worked for Jil Sander and Off-White. With the recently unveiled “Spatial Tailorism” Serie #2 collection, Young continues to blur the boundaries between aesthetics and function, while further developing his futuristic concepts.

PUBLIC SERV-CE defines itself as “a mutation of fashion and utility fashion to elevate standard lifestyle with ultra crafted cultural styles,” which forms the basis of the label’s futuristic vision and approach. For this new collection, Raphael Young aimed to create a conversation between sophistication and casual apparel, bringing forth his new vision of what he describes as “functional formal.”

Comprising a total of 85 pieces, the collection includes everything from T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, cargo pants, and outerwear, to accessories and footwear. Following a mostly black color palette, the silhouettes varied from loose-fitting to oversized. While details such as contrasting white graphics, enlarged mock collars, and asymmetrical zippers infuse a genderless, futurist touch to the garments.

Prices range from $140 – $900 USD, the “Spatial Tailorism” Serie #2 collection is now available to shop via PUBLIC SERV-CE’s official online store.

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