Ressence Reveals Oil-Filled Eucalyptus Green TYPE 3 EE

Ressence has revealed a new addition to its TYPE 3 range: the Eucalyptus Green TYPE 3 EE, an oil-filled mechanical timepiece. Design elements of the watch are said to be inspired by lush forests and the tranquility of nature.

“It wouldn’t be Ressence’s year of color without introducing a new shade to the TYPE 3 core range” shared Benoît Mintiens, the brand’s founder, in a release shared with Hypebeast, adding “This new Eucalyptus Green TYPE 3 is truly reminiscent of a precious mineral. Holding and wearing a Ressence has never been more akin to experiencing the serene feel of a polished stone’s smooth surface.”

Aside from the new shade, the watch also features a graphically simplified hour disc, showcasing indexes every two hours. Additionally, the watch displays the weekend days and oil temperature in pastel tones.

Worth noting in regard to its historical significance, the TYPE 3 was the world’s first oil-filled mechanical watch when it launched in 2013, grabbing the “Horological Revelation” Prize by GPHG the same year. This innovation not only amplified readability by canceling out light refraction distortions but also enriched the watch’s aesthetics, making it resemble a smooth, natural-looking pebble.

The watch’s augmented readability is achieved by its upper chamber, which is filled with 3.75 ml of oil –  creating a projection effect, making it seem as though the information is directly on the glass. Engraved indications filled with 100% grade A Super-LumiNova ensure clarity in all lighting conditions.

In addition to aesthetics, the oil-filled chamber also serves as a functional advantage, lubricating all parts of the ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System) leading to minimized friction. The watch runs on a customized 2824/2 calibre and showcases functions like hours, minutes, dates, days of the week, and oil temperature. The watch’s case is crafted from polished grade 5 titanium, with double-domed sapphire crystal on both sides.

The Eucalyptus Green TYPE 3 EE is set to release in early October for just over $43,400 USD and will be available via the official Ressence site and select retailers.

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