Restaurant adds quirky ‘My Girlfriend is Not Hungry’ option to menu for couples

Have you ever gone out on a date, only to find when you get to the restaurant for dinner that you're not very hungry?

You could probably go as far as to steal a few chips off of your dining companion's plate, but you certainly couldn't manage a whole portion by yourself?

If the answer to either of those questions is yes, one establishment might have come up with the perfect solution for you.

That's because Mama D's diner in North Little Rock, Arkansas has added a very special and unusual offering to their menu – and they call it the 'My Girlfriend is Not Hungry' option.

The hilarious promotion is listed under the side dishes on the menu and it allows a person to add a few extra items of food to their order for their friend or partner to steal/enjoy.

For an additional $4.25 (£3.38), you can choose to add extra French fries to your main dish as well as two fried chicken wings or three fried cheese sticks.

A Facebook user named Nick Chisler was among the first to spot the offering at the restaurant and quickly snapped a photo, which has since gone viral on social media.

Thousands have liked and shared the picture, with many tagging their significant others and praising the diner for the quirky deal.

One person commented: "Best menu I've ever seen!"

Another wrote: "Finally someone got it right."

"This restaurant gets me," added a third user.

"Petition for every restaurant to do this," proclaimed someone else.

However not everyone was quite so impressed with the idea, as others branded it "sexist" and one-sided.

According to Eater , Mama D's isn't the first American restaurant to offer this kind of deal.

They explain that J-Dub restaurant in Oregon and The Hops Spot in New York both offer an option to add extra fries to your order while Wisconsin-based Tangled Hickory will give you extra chips and onion rings.

Similarly, a place called the Tipsy Coyote in Scottsdale, Arizona titled their entire salad menu 'My Girlfriend's Not Hungry'.

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