RUF North America Unveils Its First U.S. Production-Spec SCR

RUF North America, the official U.S. representative of Ruf Automobile GmbH, has announced the arrival of the first U.S. production-spec RUF SCR. The vehicle was first unveiled at its facility located within The Concours Club, a prestigious racing venue in Miami, Florida.

The SCR, a testament to RUF’s engineering prowess, is the second model built on the company’s unique carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. Distinctively, RUF stands alone in producing a chassis of this kind, coupled with a rear engine and manual transmission, a rarity in modern sports car design.

Notably, the SCR is set to be an exclusive offering, with only 70 handcrafted units planned to be produced. The manufacturer’s debut model boasts an elegant Ivory exterior, complemented by a black and grey Alcantara interior. The interior further impresses with RUF’s carbon-fiber lollipop bucket seats, adorned with pepita inserts.

At the heart of the SCR is a RUF-designed 4.0L naturally-aspirated flat-six engine, delivering 510 hp at 8,270 RPM. This power is skillfully managed by a six-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential, channeling energy to the rear wheels — with the vehicle’s curb weight of just 2,756 pounds further contributing to its agile performance.

In addition to its powertrain, the SCR features advanced engineering in its suspension and braking systems. The four-wheel double-wishbone suspension employs race-derived, electronically-adjustable coilovers. The braking system consists of internally ventilated and cross-drilled ceramic-composite brakes, for increased stopping power.

The SCR’s bodywork, entirely composed of lightweight carbon fiber, features integrated door handles, sports mirrors and a fixed rear spoiler, all contributing to its aerodynamics. Despite its performance approach, the SCR doesn’t lack in luxury, in the cabin, it features modern amenities like power windows, LED lighting and a comprehensive instrument panel with a central speedometer.

Taking things a step further, RUF North America offers an unparalleled delivery experience at The Concours Club’s 2.5-mile racetrack. Here, clients can explore the limits of their new vehicle in a controlled, high-performance environment. Additionally, the facility provides comprehensive services, including assistance in ordering new RUF vehicles directly from Pfaffenhausen, as well as parts and service support.

For more information on the RUF SCR, interested buyers can visit its official RUF North America site and fill out an inquiry form.
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