Schemata Architects + Jo Nagasaka's "Chalet on Powder Mountain" Is One With Nature

Schemata Architects + Jo Nagasaka in partnership with Lloyd Architects(AOR) have just unveiled the “Chalet on Powder Mountain” home.

The two-story chalet is located in Powder Mountain, Utah, and sees a building area of 856 sq-ft on a total floor area of 1293 sq-ft. The steel structure was constructed on top of a slight slope (north to south) for a breathtaking view. As Schemata Architects explains, “after skiing, they [the owners] would step off the ski slope and approach the chalet from the south side of the site to take a break. They would go into the mudroom, take off ski clothes and skis, hang them there to dry, take a shower on the same floor, change in on of the bedrooms, and go upstairs. The upper floor where one can enjoy the magnificent view on the north side has a spacious balcony resulted from the setback regulation, kitchen, dining room, and living room where they would enjoy the view, delicious food and drinks, light the fire and have a good time together after a long day of skiing.”

The compact design is a result of the park’s stringent housing regulations where a balance of structural footprint and maximum allowable volume was achieved. As the home is surrounded by nature during all four seasons, insulated wood is framed by metal to emphasize warmth in the winter, and harmonizes with the rocks and boulders of the mountain during summer.

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