Survey Shows That Men Are More Attracted to Bald Men on Tinder

A survey reveals that men and women have different preferences in the hair volume of a man. Targeting 2500 Tinder users, the hair loss management company Myspring analyzed individual opinions on baldness based on the number of matches.

The results have shown that women on the dating app prefer men with hair – the profiles attract 8.47 times more matches compared to those without hair, receiving more private messages at a 19:6 ratio. Another finding is that the older the age of woman, the higher her acceptance is towards baldness as the average age preferring baldness (29.4) is higher than those who prefer men with hair (27.1). What makes the study more interesting is the popularity of bald men amongst other men. The profiles of bald men matched with male profiles about 11 times higher than females.

The profile pictures that were used in the experiment were of the same person with the identical name and job title. The only difference was the location setting (Hamburg and Munich) and obviously, the volume of hair.

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