The CDC Wants To Cancel This Halloween as We Know It

With October almost upon us, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued guidelines on how to celebrate the holidays coming up next month amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Noting the risks involved with how we traditionally celebrate Halloween, Día de Los Muertos and Thanksgiving, the CDC put together suggestions split into three categories: “lower risk activities,” “moderate risk activities,” and “higher risk activities.” Along with the suggestions it is also recommended that if you may have COVID-19 or you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 that you do not participate in any festivities.

The health protection agency highlighted traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating and crowded in-door costume parties as some of the riskiest activities during the global pandemic we face. Additionally, the CDC warns against alcohol or drug consumption, as it “can cloud judgment and increase risky behaviors.” Preemptively, the CDC is also discouraging the use of Halloween masks as Personal Protective Equipment and warning against wearing a face covering under a costume as it can cause difficulty breathing.

Although much of how we normally celebrate Halloween is advised against, some familiar low-risk activities include carving pumpkins at your home, having a scary movie night with those in your household and holding a virtual Halloween costumer contest.

Head over to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s official website to catch the full guideline for Halloween, Día de Los Muertos and Thanksgiving in full.

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