TikTok's TV App Has Launched in North America

After testing the platform on Amazon Fire TV earlier this month, TikTok has launched its TV interface in North America across Google TV and Android TV devices, LG Smart TVs and Samsung Smart TVs.

The TikTok TV app is designed for a TV home-viewing experience, allowing for easy access to both the “For You” and “Following” feeds on the big screen. The app “includes the most liked and viewed videos across a huge range of categories, from gaming and comedy to food and animals,” according to the short-form video sharing platform. The TV app also hosts a “Discover” page, which allows users to find more content, creators and categories on the platform.

Outside North America, TikTok was first made accessible on both Samsung and Fire TVs in the United Kingdom in 2020. Since then, the platform has reached several milestones — in September, the platform reported more than one billion active monthly users, and on Android, TikTok reportedly surpassed YouTube with a longer average watch time in the United States.

In order to access big-screen content, users can simply log into the TikTok TV app using their existing account.

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