Troubled TV star who previously escaped rehab celebrates a month of sobriety


After years of troubling behavior and multiple rehab stints, Bam Margera is now sober and thriving. According to a new report, the former prankster recently celebrated one month of sobriety and has been living on a farm owned by a professional skateboarder pal in Pennsylvania. The onetime MTV star is even skateboarding again and has lost a significant amount of weight since getting clean. “He’s been loving getting back into the sport,” TMZ reported.

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TMZ reports that Bam Margera has been living on a farm outside of Philadelphia with his girlfriend, Dannii, who’s on the same page about staying healthy. They reportedly share daily workouts at the gym and often hike with their dogs. 

According to TMZ, despite friends and family imploring him to ditch the bottle for years, this is the first time Bam has actually wanted to get sober and doesn’t feel like he’s being forced to go through an intervention.

Bam noted on social media that he’s wearing an alcohol detection bracelet, which stems from an Aug. 9 arrest in Pennsylvania for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.


Bam Margera, who turns 44 on Sept. 28, had a choice to make: booze or his girlfriend, Dannii. TMZ reports that Dannii gave Bam “an ultimatum,” and he ultimately chose her.

On Sept. 22, the reality TV star paid tribute to Dannii for helping him maintain his sobriety: “Thanks to @danniimarieofficial for one month of sobriety and getting me happy, healthy and fit as well as the small circle of friends that have supported us,” he wrote.

He went on thank a slew of the other positive influences in his life.


Now that he’s sober, Bam Margera is also working on his relationship with his 5-year-old son, Phoenix. The two reportedly speak on FaceTime four times a week.

Over the summer, Bam was caught on camera screaming at his ex-wife, Nicole Boyd, for refusing to let him see their son. Bam noted that if he couldn’t see Phoenix, he would “smoke crack until [he] died.”

It’s believed that Phoenix lives in Los Angeles with his mother. The former reality TV star is forbidden from leaving Pennsylvania until his assault trial — which stems from an April incident with his brother Jess — is concluded. 


Bam Margera’s substance abuse issues have been well-documented over the years. He’s been in and out of rehab several times. In June, he was placed on a psychiatric hold at a Los Angeles mental health facility after authorities determined that he was a danger to himself and others.

After the involuntary hold came to an end, Bam headed straight to a rehab center owned by former Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom. TMZ reported that Lamar greeted the former TV star upon his release from the mental health center. But after about a week at the Odom Wellness Treatment Center, Bam suddenly left — as he has before.

In June 2022, Bam fled a Florida rehab facility. Two days later, he was found hiding out at a nearby hotel. Police and a crisis intervention team then transported him back to the facility.

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