VASE BY SU Immortalizes Blue-Eyes White Dragon With Latest Sculpture

Continuing its focus on celebrating icons in pop culture and art, VASE BY SU has returned with its latest functional sculpture. This time around the creative studio has turned the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game card for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon into a vase. It is interesting to note that the seminal Official Card Game version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon features a different card layout from the English Trading Card Game release many North American Yu-Gi-Oh! fans are familiar with.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon was the monster ka spirit of Kisara during the ancient Egypt period. Later, Seto Kaiba would become obsessed with the duel monster, gathering a full set of three copies for his deck to make it his signature monster.

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is described as “A legendary dragon that takes pride in its enormous power. Its power of destruction far exceeds comprehension. This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.”

Focusing on the original Japanese version of the iconic duel monster, the large-scale molded vase is finished with accurate line details and bezels, faithful to the card. The upright vase is garnished with a simple artful arrangement of monochromatic flowers to highlight the Level Stars of the monster.

Head over to VASE BY SU’s website to learn more about the Blue-Eyes White Dragon vase.

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