"Vices" by T-REX Delivers a Range of Wearable Art

Standing as one of the most exciting contemporary artist, Tyler Rexeisen better known as T-REX has prepared a wearable art capsule exclusively for HBX.

Dubbed “Vices” by T-REX aka Tyler Rexeisen, the special range is centered around two original artworks. Expressed on a selection of street-leaning wares, the items highlight the red-tone demon figures of T-REX. The T-shirts introduce the prints which feature two figures walking on a gold wire rim tire in front of a feminine cigarette expressing an iconic cigarette brand and a playful figure sticking out her tongue surrounded by text. The latter also marks a yellow trucker hat surrounded by a pastel array of colors. Each piece also comes complete with T-REX’s signature dinosaur skull-and-crossbones branding motif.

Take a look at the range above and shop the “Vices” by T-REX aka Tyler Rexeisen capsule exclusively on HBX now.

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