Walter Kim Releases Limited 'GUNDAM F1' Conceptual Art Prints

Walter Kim is a conceptual artist based in Los Angeles that specializes in creating intricate illustrations featuring recognizable subjects from the worlds of motorsport, anime and more. Kim recently partnered up with The Curb Shop to release two limited edition prints from a series entitled GUNDAM F1. Arriving in various sizes, the Giclée prints feature iconic mobile Gundam suits transformed into Formula 1 racing cars. The first piece highlights the original Gundam suit while the other work borrows aesthetics from the bright red Sazabi variant.

“These pieces were created with print in mind from the very beginning, utilizing a draw dropping 1440dpi with vibrant archival ink, on heavy hot press paper. They feature stunning detail and pixel density even at the 24”x36” size. The kind of piece you find yourself inches away from soaking up the detail,” said The Curb Shop in a statement.

The prints are available in 24 by 36 inches in a limited edition of 50 and 13 by 19 inches in a collection of just 100 pieces. Check out both prints in the slideshow above and then head to The Curb Shop’s website to purchase both starting at $45 USD. Also be sure to follow Walter Kim on Instagram to stay updated on his latest projects.

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