Watch YouTuber Jump His Lamborghini Urus Over His Wife's Aventador

YouTuber Street Speed 717 has just released a new video of him doing the unthinkable — jumping his Giallo Lamborghini Urus over his soon-to-be wife’s color-matching Aventador.

This risky (and expensive) stunt involved Street Speed 717 driving his $218,000 USD SUV over his homemade dirt ramp with his fiancée’s $400,000 USD supercar parked underneath — he also failed to ask his fiancée if he could borrow her car as he mentions: “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

The video gives multiple angles of the spectacle as the 4,850 pound SUV clears the jump with just inches to spare from touching the roof of the Aventador. Catch all the action and commentary above.

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