We Know Which "Harry Potter" Character You Are Based On The Hogwarts Couples You Stan

  1. Romione (Hermione and Ron)Bellamort (Voldemort and Bellatrix)Cedmione (Cedric and Hermione)Dramione (Draco and Hermione)Lavon (Lavender and Ron)Marthur (Molly and Arthur)Jily (James and Lily)Snily (Snape and Lily)Nuna (Luna and Neville)Hinny (Harry and Ginny)Deanny (Ginny and Dean)Dransy (Draco and Pansy)Chudley (Cho and Dudley)Chedric (Cedric and Cho)Huna (Harry and Luna)Wolfstar (Remus and Sirius)Lonks (Tonks and Lupin)Drinny (Draco and Ginny)Deamus (Seamus and Dean)Scalbus (Scorpius and Albus)Drarry (Draco and Harry)Delbus (Delphini and Albus)Rorry (Harry and Ron)Linny (Luna and Ginny)Harmonie (Harry and Hermione)Fremione (Fred and Hermione)Charry (Harry and Cho)Hinny (Harry and Ginny)

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