William Ellery Collaborates with Bag Maker 1733 for Ultralight Daypack

William Ellery and bag maker 1733, led by Chicago-based designer Phil Schade, have introduced a new bag designed for ultralight travel — with the prime objective of being the smallest viable travel option.

Foregoing traditional foam padding, the pack uses the gear you’re already carrying as its padding and sports a construction of waterproof materials, making it perfect for those spur-of-the-moment side trips. The pack is also easily compressed and can be stowed or clipped to a hicker’s main pack.

“Phil and I have been working on creating a bag that functions as an ultralight daypack while still performing in a metropolitan setting,” shared Ellery, adding “The goal was to create the lightest possible daypack that utilized the materials you carry already to improve functionality.”

Practical testing revealed that the bag has an impressive carrying capacity: a camera, film, sunglasses, phone, sit-pad, lunch, snacks, jacket and even a 1-liter water bottle. The bag also boasts a range of features, like its Mil-Spec waterproof zipper, external zip pocket and an expandable top shelf storage cord, in addition to its ultralight aluminum stowage hook.

As for its aesthetic, the bag is dyed naturally in NYC, deriving its hue from already-used coffee grounds from Sey Coffee. The beans of choice used for the dying are Ethiopian Bera, which offer a warm golden tone, with each bag displaying varying saturation, making each piece genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Those interested in purchasing a bag will have a chance to do so starting September 10 via William Ellery’s official site.

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