X Is Reportedly Selling Recycled Handles for $50,000 USD

Elon Musk‘s X appears to still be looking for various avenues to increase its revenue. In a recent piece from Forbes, the publication reports that X is soliciting users to purchase recycled user handles for “a flat fee of $50,000 to initiate a purchase.”

In the past, X has stated that it will be shutting down user handles of inactive accounts. The announcement of purging X from dormant accounts was first made in May and has now alluded to Musk and X’s plans to recycle the disused accounts. In an email seen by Forbes, X now has a special task force called “@Handle Team” that are focusing on creating a marketplace for these reclaimed handles tied to inactive accounts. Earlier this year, X changed its policy that users must log in every 30 days to remain active or risk having their account be deemed inactive.

At the moment, taking over another user’s inactive account cannot just be done immediately. X’s website sates that it cannot release inactive usernames. The recent report indicates that X is looking at the possibility of creating a handle marketplace, giving the platform yet another chance to increase revenues. Though that might be the case, it is uncertain if it will be successful. Just recently, X introduced its multi-tier subscription where $16 USD a month could get a Premium+ tier account and the “basic” tier at a lower price.

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