YMC Gives Timex’s Classic T80 Watch a Sleek Translucent Rework

YMC has teamed up with Timex for a celebratory rework of the latter’s classic digital T80 watch. Keen to mark its 25th anniversary with both friends and collaborators, the London-based label reached out to the American watchmakers for what’s set to be the pair’s second joint release.

Their first, back in 2019, saw them launch a unique take on the classic military-influenced MK1 watch, dousing it in a “Burnt Rubber Brown” colorway. Now, focusing on another throwback Timex design, the T80 takes centre stage.

In-keeping with YMC’s utilitarian approach to menswear, the T80 does a lot with a little, leaning into its subtle design elements and understated boldness. Crafted with a muted-green guise, the classic analogue watch has been given a neat translucent rework, which allows a slight view of the inner workings around the edges of the display.

Completed with co-branded on both sides, the watch comes with everything you’d expect from a digital Timex: a stopwatch, day and date display, water resistance and the iconic INDIGLO backlight.

Set to launch on May 25, the YMC x Timex T80 will be available from the YMC webstore.

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