Abandoned school left untouched more than 50 years with textbooks still inside

Take a look inside this old school that’s been left to rot and decay for over 50 years.

Battered chairs and frayed textbooks still litter the rooms of this school in Upstate New York.

The old building has been left to the elements for over 50 years, with graffiti on the walls and old books littering the floor even after all these years.

Pictures and videos have been taken of the inside of the building by a professional urban explorer who goes by Freaktography online.

Freaktography, or Dave to his friends, said it’s one of the best abandoned schools he’s ever seen.

Dave, who shares his spooky finds with his 31,000 followers on TikTok, said: ‘For me, this was a great exploration and I took my time, as I was in no hurry to leave.’

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He continued: ‘I wanted to take in every room, hallway and floor, as the decay and ruins were so advanced.

‘It seems that this is the kind of place where several generations of the same families attended the school, often having the same teachers through decades and generations.’

In a clip uploaded on Instagram, which has earned 7,000 views and hundreds of likes, Dave, 48, shows his following around the building

The massive hall has several lone chairs, which have been pulled from the ground and moved around the building, resting in doorways, stairways and even outside.

Another shot shows piles of broken chairs and old books laid strewn on the floor in a big hall with huge chunks of the walls and ceiling as they collapsed over time.

The once one-room school had several changes made throughout the years since it was first built in 1823, growing to the impressive structure is today.

That original schoolhouse was replaced with a two-storey building in the 1860s.

In 1916, the land was bought by the local school board, and a high school was built there.

But after a large school close by was built in 1958, the place was shut down in the 1970s.

The town has made several attempts to restore the school in the 50 years it’s stood empty, but to no avail.

Dave said: ‘The funny thing about when I explored this abandoned high school is that I was on a three-day road trip with my friend.

‘All throughout the trip, I kept saying: “okay, let’s be quick here, we’ve got lots of places to see.”

‘But as soon as we got in the school, there would be no rushing either one of us, as it was way too good to rush through.’

His followers were certainly impressed, with one commenter saying: ‘I dream of discovering a school with old school desks and another blackboard.’

Another wrote: ‘This is so stunning and scary… Thanks for sharing.’

‘No complaints here! What a gorgeous place,’ said a third.

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