After bagging the H&M X Mugler collection, woman returns haul

Woman who bagged the H&M Mugler collection after queuing for 90 minutes is ‘bullied’ into returning her haul

  • Wilglory, a ‘fashion girlie’ from New York showed off her buys on TikTok 
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Everyone loves a bargain, particularly when the item in question is brand new and comes complete with a coveted designer label.

That was certainly how Wilglory, a self-confessed ‘fashion girlie’ from New York, felt when the Mugler H&M collection dropped earlier this month. 

So determined was she to bag the looks from the luxury fashion house founded by Thierry Mugler in 1973 that she queued for 90 minutes for what amounted to a 10-minute shopping spree that cost her $2,300. 

Afterwards she took to TikTok to share her purchases with almost 8,000 followers, trying on each outfit in turn for her fans on the social media platform. 

However, she was met with critical comments and later admitted she’d returned most of the items after being ‘bullied’ by TikTok followers who said it was all ‘ugly’.

Fashion aficionada Wilglory from the US spent £1,800 on the Mugler H&M collaboration, but later returned most of her haul after fellow TikTokers questioned her choices on the platform

Wilglory was initially impressed with the design and finish of this blue corseted mini-dress, which she paired with gold platform shoes

In the video, which has been viewed 324,000 times, Wilglory reveals that she spent $2,300 on the clothing collaboration. 

But despite her lively intros and detailed descriptions, fellow TikTokers were left less than enthused by her six-minute fashion show. 

The first outfit she tried on was a tiny black mini skirt over patterned tights and a blazer which cinches at the waist thanks to corseting. 

Whilst Wilglory herself was sceptical about this particular look due to the sizing, she was much more positive about the second look — a one-shoulder, brightly-coloured mini dress.  

Next she tried on a pair of black boot-cut trousers, but, unfortunately, she was left with no choice but to backtrack when one of the seams ripped open. 

Wilglory, however, was not prepared to write off the collection so soon, and with her next purchase — a bright blue corseted mini dress — she took the opportunity to praise both the quality and design of the collaboration. 

‘It’s not giving fast fashion finishing at all, and it’s definitely not giving fast fashion in terms of the complexity of the design,’ she said. 

Yet whilst there were arguably other successes, including, for example, a black mesh T-shirt and black leather baseball cap, the consensus among her followers was not particularly positive. 

Of the 515 comments posted beneath her video, a number couldn’t be further from the compliments Wilglory might have been hoping for. 

The Mugler H&M collection draws on Mugler’s striking shapes, often achieved with shoulder pads and corseting 

Cut-out designs are a recurring theme throughout the collection. This figure-hugging, ruched dress in pink is paired with patterned tights — another distinctive feature of the collaboration 

Many of the pieces in the Mugler H&M collaboration, including these denim and jersey skinny jeans, are almost identical to the pieces found in Mugler’s high-end collection — but they cost a fraction of the price

One comment, which garnered more than 1,700 likes, said: ‘I’m really sorry but return everything apart from the yellow dress and save those coins’. 

Another, which got an even greater number of likes, was hardly more tactful: ‘I don’t like any of it on you and I think you’re gorgeous and your body is banging it just wasn’t hitting for me’.

While a third stated simply: ‘The clothes did you no justice! You are gorgeous! They just missed the mark.’

Others, however, tried to be more constructive with their comments.  

One TikToker wrote: ‘The pieces have potential it’s just the way you styled it.’

Many of those who commented on Wilglory’s post encouraged her to return everything. Others, however, were complimentary, with one even calling her a ‘trendsetter’

And others still bucked the trend, taking the opportunity to compliment Wilglory on everything from her body to her status as a trendsetter.

‘Dang, am I the only one that liked all of the pieces?? It’s giving visionary and trendsetter.’

Though, with a later video showing Wilglory returning $1,438.48-worth of clothing and accessories to H&M, it’s clear that the kinder comments were too little too late. 

She wrote: “I returned most of my H&M Mugler collection because the TikTok girlies bullied me and said it was ugly.”

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