Amazon shoppers go wild for 'perfect' advent calendar as 'a dream come true' but some say it's more expensive | The Sun

AMAZON shoppers are going wild for the "perfect" advent calendar but not everyone is convinced.

Festive shoppers have spotted the quirky calendar that is a great alternative for those who don't have a sweet tooth.

Walkers Crisps has launched a "24 days of crips" advent calendar and it is causing quite a stir among crisp lovers.

One savvy shopper spotted the calendar on Amazon and posted the quirky festive item to the Food Finds Official Facebook group.

The post racked up 1.7k comments from excited Walkers fans, but it was short-lived when they discovered the price.

The calendar comes in two sizes, you can get either a 24-day or a 12-day one.

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The 12-day option is listed on Amazon for £24.99 and the larger 24-day one is priced at £44.99.

Some shoppers were just delighted to see a crisp-filled advent calendar, but others were quick to point out it would be cheaper to buy 24 individual bags and do it yourself.

One person said: "OMG I need this".

And another asked: "Am I too old for an advent calender now?"

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While a third person commented: "My perfect calender".

Others were less impressed after one person posted a screenshot of the calender with the price and just commented: "Bargain!" with a shocked emoji.

Another said: "Wow that's expensive".

While another added: "Cheaper to buy a massive multipack of crisps at Aldi or Lidl".

The bags are 25g each so the same size that is generally found in the multipacks that you can get from most supermarkets.

Flavours in the calendar include popular choices such as ready-salted, salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, and tomato ketchup.

There are also two choices of Walkers Max in punchy paprika and fiery prawn cocktail, Sensations Thai sweet chilli and Salt and Shake.

We worked out how much it would cost if you were to purchase the crisps included in the calendar individually from the supermarket and were shocked at the difference.

While we could not find any prices for individually sold 25g of Walkers crips we used a multi-pack price to get the price per bag.

On the Tesco website, most of the Walkers flavours that are included can be found in a multi-pack of six priced at £1.95.

This would make each individual bag of crisps 33p, meaning that to buy 24 packs that would make up the amount in the calender it would cost £7.92.

This is a staggering £37 cheaper than buying the 24-day crisp advent calendar and £17 cheaper than the 12-day option.

In other crisp-related news, Walkers recently confirmed that a popular favour has been asked from the shelves.

It comes after the snack giant confirmed its Worcester sauce flavour crisps are "no longer part of our range" leaving shoppers fuming.

If the crisp advent calendar is too pricey for you and you prefer a more traditional option we might be able to help you out.

We tested some chocolate advent calendars ahead of December and the winner is perfect for kids.

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