American tries Greggs for first time and is now considering ditching US

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Despite sharing many similarities, us Brits and Americans do have very different tastes in food.

Remember when this American felt like they were “lied to” after tasting British cheese?

Well, this one US citizen ditched Thanksgiving back home and took a trip to the UK.

On their first trip over the pond, the American thought they would try out a traditional British staple – a Greggs steak bake.

After getting their mouth around the pastry favourite, the American has now begun to question why they have never eaten steak inside a pastry before.

Taking to Reddit to share their mind blowing discovery, the American titled the post: “I'm American visiting the UK for the first time and Gregg's is SO F***ING GOOD.”

Gobsmacked by their new food favourite, they explained in the post: “Bro how the HELL does that s*** taste so good?

“Also who's idea was it to put steak and gravy in a pastry and make it taste f***ing amazing.”

The American was so moved by the pastry favourite, they even made the bold claim of wanting to ditch their declaration of independence.

They added: “This s*** so good it's boutta make me reject independence, return to British.”

Stunned at the American’s new discovery, many Brits fled to the comments to have their say on the bargain bakery.

One person commented: “Steak and gravy in pastry is a British staple as old as time my friend.”

Another user added: “His mind is going to be blown away when he realises you can get bake at home Greggs from Iceland.”

A third person joked: “Get yourself a Sports Direct mug whilst you’re over here.”

Someone else said: “If you haven't had a festive bake yet, oh you are in for a treat.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user questioned: “So do Americans just not know about pastry salt and meat?”

Let us know in the comments what you think of British pastries!

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