Are Sophie Countess of Wessex and Meghan Markle friends? Royals share THIS special bond

Sophie, Countess of Wessex joined the Royal Family in 1999, following her marriage to Prince Edward – the Queen’s youngest son. The couple have two children together – Lady Louise Windsor, 15, and James Viscount Severn, 11. Last year, Meghan Markle married the Queen’s grandson Prince Harry, and they welcomed their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6. As well as being married to Edward and Harry, both Sophie and Meghan play vital roles within the Royal Family. 

Are Sophie Countess of Wessex and Meghan Markle friends? Royals share THIS special bond

On the official Royal Family website, Sophie is described as: “A full-time working member of the Royal Family, The Countess of Wessex splits her time between her work in support of The Queen and visits to a large number of her own charities and organisations. She has a wide range of interests which include supporting people with disabilities, the prevention of blindness in developing countries, agriculture and fashion.”

Meghan is referred to similarly, with the site reading: “As well as undertaking royal duties in support of The Queen, both in the UK and overseas, The Duchess devotes her time to supporting a number of charities and organisations.”

So with the ladies both being members of the Royal Family, are they friends?

From their body language to their parenting style, Meghan and Sophie have a lot in common.

Love of fashion

Both women have a keen eye for fashion.

Meghan recently became the firs guest editor for the September issue of British Vogue.

The Duchess of Sussex does not feature on the cover of the issue, called Forces for Change, which she has worked on over the last seven months.

Instead, said she hopes readers will be inspired by the 15 women who adorn the cover of this month’s British Vogue in the most-hyped magazine edition of the year.

Sophie often makes stylish fashion choices which could show how she influences younger royals, including Meghan. 

In February 2018, the 54-year-old was seen chatting to designer Stella McCartney at Buckingham Palace, along with Kate Middleton.

All three women attended the The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange Reception at Buckingham Palace, and Kate and Sophie are both patrons of various fashion charities

Parenting style

Although Sophie is married to the Queen’s son, she has managed to raise her children mostly out of the spotlight.

After having her first child, it seems Meghan is trying to do the same and could look to Sophie for tips on how to keep Archie’s life as private as possible.

According to sources, the Queen has earmarked Sophie as a royal mentor for Meghan.

“The Queen likes the idea of Sophie being an unofficial mentor to Meghan,” the insider revealed.

“Sophie is often at Windsor taking the kids riding on the Queen’s horses and playing at the castle. It’s a quiet lifestyle, very much the kind Harry and Meghan want for their little one.”

Public outings

Meghan and Sophie have been pictured together at many public affairs.

The two spent time together at Royal Ascot last year and are understood to get along well.

According to body language expert Judi James, Sophie seemed to be looking out for Meghan as they shared a carriage ride.

She said: “Meghan looks super-poised in these photos, sitting upright and with her mouth opened in an upturned smile that is aimed at the crowds.

“Sophie’s eyes are also on the crowds, although her head-tilt and suppressed smile that tilts the corners of her mouth down suggest she is communicating quietly with Meghan here.”

A few months later, they both appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to celebrate Trooping the Colours.

Although the pair stood at opposite sides of the balcony, they still managed to communicate with each other.

They’re both non-royal women

Both women gave up their jobs when they became members of the Royal Family.

Sophie – who grew up in a four-bedroom 17th century farmhouse in Kent – trained as a secretary before going on to follow a career in public relations.

Meanwhile, US-born Meghan worked as an actress, starring in law drama Suits.

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