Are these the world's WORST fashion fails?

Someone call the fashion police! Hilarious social media snaps capture VERY bizarre style choices – from tights complete with painted toe nails to pre-stained muddy jeans

  • People have shard the worst fashion fails they came across on Bored Panda  
  • One items was a pair of stockings with finger slots and red painted toe nails 
  • Another snap shows a pair of designer glasses made to look upside down 

They say you can’t buy a good sense of fashion, but these retailers have taken it to a whole new level. 

In a gallery for Bored Panda, people from across the globe have shared examples of items that are so offensive, they shouldn’t have been put on sale in the first place.

Among the fashion faux-pas includes one person who was left horrified by a pair of stockings that included toe slots with fake-painted red nails.

Elsewhere, another made fun of a pair of jeans costing $425 that were made to look like they already had mud on them.  

People have shared some of the worst fashion fails they have come across. In the US, a shopper was horrified by these tights which come complete with painted toes

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In New York, a shopper made fun of this bizarre sweater which only covered the neck and arms and not the bust 

In the US, one sweater which was meant to have an uplifting message of female empowerment ended up being like gibberish 

In the US, one person joked this T-shirt, which was sold pre-stained, looked like someone had a fight with a bottle of mustard and lost

Someone made fun of these designer sneakers costing $1,425 which were meant to look completely destroyed 

One person, from an unknown location, pointed out how these $490 designer glasses from Gucci were meant to look upside-down

In the US, the red lining at the crotch of this pair of underwear raised a few eyebrows among shoppers

In the US, the design of this Bear Trapper pair of leggings very unfortunately folded to read ‘Rape’ 

Muddy business! These jeans from the US cost $425 and are designed to look like they are already covered in mud

In the US, someone poked fun at this awkward brand of children clothes named ‘Anxiety for kids’

Someone from the US cringed at the gender divide between a t-shirt for boys reading ‘lock up your daughters’ and a t-shirt intended for girls reading ‘does this diaper make my butt look big’

Shoppers in the US were confused by these leggings that were meant to look like they were made of peanut shells 

In Germany, a man mocked this T-shirt, which was poorly designed to read ‘Giving up is simply an option’ when it meant to read ‘giving up is simply NOT an option’ 

In the US, these shoes looked like they were designed so that pebbles could fit in the holes on the sole

In the US, an employee ended up with a terrifying mask after their boss bought them one with completely disproportionate dimensions 

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