Autumn Equinox rituals – the 5 rituals to perform before Wednesday

Meteorologists describe the Spring and Autumn equinoxes

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The September Equinox marks the end of astrological and astronomical summer and the start of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the end of winter and the start of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Autumn equinox is a pagan celebration also known as Mabon If you’re looking for ways to mark the occasion, why not try some witchy rituals? reveals the best way to bring in the new season.

Burning ritual

According to Eclectic Witch and author of Mama Moon’s Book of Magic, Semra Haksever, now is the best time to set up a firepit or candle and burn something you’d like to get rid of – symbolically.

She writes in her book: “Each person should begin to write a goodbye letter to anything that is holding them back; be it a negative thought pattern, anxieties, money problems or even toxic relationships or social media addiction.

“Fold the paper away from you three times, turning in an anti-clockwise direction with each fold.

“Throw your letter on the fire and know that what you have written is being released. It’s time to say goodbye.”

Mabon harvest dinner

Get your nearest and dearest round for a Mabon harvest dinner.

The harvest and newly in season fruit and vegetables can be used to celebrate the change of a season.

Semra explained: “I use the opportunity to celebrate the foods of the season, be it with hazelnut cookies or a root vegetable stew.

“Feel free to use your favourite recipe- the importance is to cook with intention.

“Stir your ingredients in a clockwise direction, to welcome in the grounding energy that this cycle will bring.

“Set an intention to share food with friends and to celebrate love and abundance within your relationships.”

Create a centrepiece of cornucopia, autumnal-scented and coloured candles, and whatever makes you feel festive and make your meal into a dinner party.

Apples are particularly symbolic of autumn, so you could make an apple pie, crumble or cider to welcome in autumn.


Forget spring cleaning, it’s all about autumn decluttering.

Over lockdown you’ve probably collected a whole load of things that you really don’t need.

Emotionally, it’s great to get any DIY projects done, finish that longstanding to-do list and get rid of any physical clutter that brings nothing to your life.

Autumn and winter are very expensive, so why not sell the bits and bobs you don’t want?

Alternatively, donate them to charity to help someone else.


If celebrating a Pagan festival with witchy spells and wellness techniques is already too ‘out there’ for you, you might find this ritual hard to understand.

Earthing involves going outside or stepping into your garden barefoot in order to absorb the energy of mother nature and the changing seasons.

While you do this, it’s important to thank the Earth and take deep breaths as you meditate on what you want to happen this next season.


Every Full and New Moon, Moon Mentors and mystics recommend journaling to work through your feelings.

On the Autumn Equinox, it is recommended that you start writing down what you feel thankful for every single day.

With gloomy weather and shorter days pending, it’s likely you’ll need something like this to make you feel happier and more positive.

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